You’re not alone in your quest for an authentic connection to ireland...

In the digital age, the search for authentic roots often leads down a rabbit hole of conflicting sources. The desire to honour your Irish heritage, whether through ancestral ties or a soul-deep resonance with the land and its traditions, can be clouded by concerns of inadvertently disrespecting the very culture you wish to celebrate.

Imagine if there was a guide that not only traced the paths of your past but did so with the wisdom and reverence of true Irish heritage. Your story could unfold over five insightful days with “Roots and Reverence - Your Ancestral Connection Toolkit.”

This isn’t just a guide; it’s a passage back through time, an exploration of identity crafted with the scholarly yet accessible wisdom of Lora O’Brien, a contemporary voice in Irish Pagan Priesthood and scholarship.

Each day unveils a new chapter:

  1. Connect to the Three Worlds of Earth, Sea, and Sky.
  2. Build an Ancestral Altar to create a sacred bridge to your past.
  3. Map Your Genealogical Tree with a spiritual focus, acknowledging that lineage can transcend the physical realm.
  4. Learn Meditative Journeying to commune with ancestral guides, gaining insights rooted in the profound depths of Irish mysticism.
  5. Absorb Cultural Insights that bind the threads of ancestry with the rich tapestry of Irish tradition, and Embrace Daily Practices that honour your lineage in heartfelt, meaningful ways.

Are you being drawn to the emerald embrace of Ireland, seeking to forge a true connection with a lineage - be it through blood or the calling of your spirit?

Journey with us, and transform your understanding of heritage from a concept to a living, breathing experience. Let the voices of those who have walked this path be your testimony.

"I felt disconnected from my Irish ancestors, but 'Roots and Reverence' brought me a sense of belonging that I’ve longed for. It guided me to a profound connection that transcends time." - Aoife, New York

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Your journey toward an authentic connection with Ireland doesn’t require a plane ticket or a time machine, just an open heart and a willing spirit.

Are you ready to answer the call?

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Your Irish Ancestral Spirit:
A 5-Day Guided Exploration

Roots & Reverence

Do you feel a pull towards your ancestors but find yourself navigating a maze of uncertainty and misinformation, yearning for a path that steers clear of cultural appropriation and hollow off-the-shelf commercial genealogies?

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